Type of organisation Name Name (native) Country Website
Association for the Blind IBSA Regional Structure Hungarian Hungary http://www.ibsasport.org/ibsa-regional-structure/#europe
Association for the Blind IJA – Centre d’Education Sensorielle pour déficients visuels IJA France http://www.ija-lille.fr/
Association for the Blind Institut des Jeunes Aveugles France http://www.ijatoulouse.org/
Association for the Blind Institut des jeunes aveugles des Charmettes France http://www.voirensemble.asso.fr/
Rehabilitation specialist Institut Le Val Mandé ilvm France http://www.ilvm.fr/
Association for the Blind Institut Médico-Professionnel Valentin Hauy pour Déficients Visuels France http://impro-avh.monsite-orange.fr/index.html
Association for the Blind Institut national des jeunes aveugles INJA France http://www.inja.fr/
Rehabilitation specialist Institut pour l'Insertion des Déficients Visuels asei France www.centrelestrade.asei.asso.fr/index.php
Association for the Blind Institut pour l'Insertion des Déficients Visuels (External link) ipidv France http://www.ipidv.org/
Teachers of IVIs Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted - IBOS "Danmarks Nationale Kompetence- og Rehabiliteringscenter - IBOS" Denmark www.ibos.dk
Association for the Blind Italian Deafblind Association Italy www.domainholdingsbrokerage.com/inquiry/?domain=IMAR.net
Association for the Blind K. E. Macan Library and Printing House for the Blind KTN – Knihovna a tiskárna pro nevidomé K.E. Macana Czech Republic http://www.ktn.cz/index
Association for the Blind Kärnten Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired Kärntern Blinden und Schwerstsehbehindertenverband Austria www.blindenverband-ktn.at
Association for the Blind La Lumière Deutsch Belgium http://www.lalumiere.be
O&M specialist Lara Guide-Dog School Σχολή Σκύλων-Οδηγών Λάρα Greece http://www.laraguidedogs.gr/guidedog.php
Other Latvijas Neredzīgo bibliotēka Latvia http://www.esfondi.lv/
Association for the Blind Latvijas Neredzīgo biedrības Centrālā valde Latvia http://www.lnbiedriba.lv
Association for the Blind LATVIJAS NEREDZĪGO BIEDRĪBAS REHABILITĀCIJAS CENTRS Latvia http://www.lnbrc.lv/homepage.htm
Other Lietuvos aklųjų biblioteka Lithuania http://labiblioteka.lt/
Association for the Blind LIETUVOS AKLŲJŲ IR SILPNAREGIŲ SĄJUNGA Lithuania http://www.lass.lt/
Other LIETUVOS AKLŲJŲ SPORTO FEDERACIJA Lithuania http://www.lasfinfo.lt/
Association for the Blind Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece Φάρος Τυφλών Ελλάδος Greece www.fte.org.gr
Association for the Blind Lippische Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired Lippischer Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein e.V. Germany www.lbsv.org
Other LNSS vadība Latvia http://www.lnssinfo.lv/
Association for the Blind LOOK National United Kingdom http://www.look-uk.org/
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