Type of organisation Name Name (native) Country Website
Association for the Blind French Federation of Guide Dog Associations (FFAC) France http://www.chiensguides.fr/site/accueil/index.php
Teachers of IVIs KAUNO PRANO DAUNIO AKLŲJŲ IR SILPNAREGIŲ UGDYMO CENTRE Lithuania http://www.kasuc.lm.lt/
Association for the Blind Les Primevères - IJAA IJAA France http://www.cra-rhone-alpes.org/
Association for the Blind Liepājas Neredzīgo biedrība Latvia http://www.redzigaismu.lv/
Association for the Blind Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired Blinden- und Sehbindertenverein Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V. Germany www.bsvmv.de
Association for the Blind Pancyprian Organization of the Blind Cyprus www.kysoa.org.cy
Association for the Blind "SYZOI" Association of Parents, Guardians & Friends of Visually Impaired Persons with Multiple Disabilities "ΣΥΖΩΗ" Σύλλογος Γονέων, Κηδεμόνων & Φίλων Ατόμων με Διαταραχές Όρασης & Πρόσθετες Αναπηρίες Greece www.syzoi.gr
Association for the Blind (Croatian Association of Deafblind Persons) Croatian Croatia www.dodir.hr
Other Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilitites-National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Μονάδα Προσβασιμότητας για Φοιτητές με Αναπηρία-Εθνικό και Καποδιστριακό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών Greece http://access.uoa.gr/
Designer of O&M aids Accesstech Accesstech Switzerland http://www.accesstech.ch
Association for the Blind Action for Blind People United Kingdom www.actionforblindpeople.org.uk/
Association for the Blind AGSS -Workinggroup Study for the Visually Impaired AGSS - Arbeitsgruppe Studium für Sehgeschädigte Germany www.fh-lausitz.de/agss
Association for the Blind ALTINOKTA Association of the Blind Turkey http://www.altinokta.org.tr/rehber_brosur.php
Association for the Blind Altınokta Körler Derneği Ankara Şubesi Turkish Hungary http://www.ankaraaltinokta.org/iletisim.php
Other ALTINOKTA KÖRLERE HİZMET VAKFI Turkish Hungary http://www.altinokta.org.tr/korlere_hizmet_vakfi.php
Other Andragoški center Republike Slovenije Slovenia http://www.acs.si/
Association for the Blind Anne Sullivan Centre Ireland
Association for the Blind APASCIDE - Spanish Association of Parents of Deafblind People APASCIDE - ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE PADRES DE SORDOCIEGOS DE ESPAÑA Spain http://www.deafblind.com/europe.html#APASCIDE%20-%20Spanish%20Association%20of%20Parents%20of
Governmental and EU organisation Apeirons - invalīdu un viņu draugu apvienība Apeirons Latvia http://www.apeirons.lv/new/
Rehabilitation specialist Arla Institute Finland icevi.org/publications/ICEVI-WC2002/papers/02-topic/02-aulilo.htm
Association for the Blind Associatin of Retinopathy of Portugal Associação de Retinopatia de Portugal - ARP Portugal www.retinaportugal.org.pt
Association for the Blind Association A.I.R France http://www.air-asso.org/
Association for the Blind Association des Aveugles de Créteil France http://lesaveuglesdecreteil.free.fr/
Association for the Blind Association for support and information of the blind and partially sighted Associação de Apoio e Informação a Cegos e Amblíopes - AAICA Portugal www.aaica.pt
Association for the Blind Association for the Blind of Magnesia Σωματείο Ατόμων με Αναπηρία Όρασης Ν.Μαγνησίας "ΜΑΓΝΗΤΕΣ ΤΥΦΛΟΙ" Greece www.maty.gr
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