During the ICCHP 2016 three papers about the work within the ATMAPS project will be presented.

7 articipants are testing several audio-tactile maps using 3 IVEO device, during the Workshop in Linz.A workshop about the ATMAPS project titled "Developing and Using Effective Symbols for Audio Tactile Maps - ATMAPS" will be organized as a pre-conference event at the ICCHP 2016 on 12th July. The aim of the workshop is to disseminate the recent results of the collaborative efforts under the ATMAPS project towards the specification of symbols used in Audio-Tactile Maps.

Newsletter No. 3 as pictureOur third newsletter was published beginning of November. It gives a short overview about the current work in our project especially about the study on the evaluation of symbols on tactile maps. The study is finished now and the results are currently analyzed. The following link newsletter no. 3 provides the full content. All newsletters can be found on our website on promotional material.

short news preview Our fourth newsletter was published in April 2016. Topics of the newsletter are our 4th progress meeting, the analysis of the tactile evaluation symbols and the acceptance of three papers at the ICCHP 2016 conference in Linz. The following link newsletter no. 4 provides the full content. All newsletters can be found on our website on promotional material.

Two persons feel symbols on swell paperThe third progress meeting took place at the University of Athens in Greece on 28th-29th May 2015. Prof. Argyropoulos from the Department of Special Education at the University of Thessaly participated at the meeting as well. He serves as an external evaluator of the project. During the project the next steps of the second part of the study was discussed in details focusing on the tactile information in audio-tactile maps. The project members also worked on the content of the intermediate progress report and on different administrative aspects of the project.

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